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Flush Gas Cap (for Honda VT1100)


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Ordering Info:    Flush Gas Cap
Item # Description Price Availability Buy
A-56 Chrome Gas Cap

$ 129.95

Discontinued *

A-57 Black Gas Cap

$ 129.95

Discontinued *

* * These products have been discontinued.

If you have a special interest in them, please email us.

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What makes the CruiserFX Flush Gas Cap so special?

Some manufacturer's "flush" gas caps aren't very flush. Our locking (weatherproof lock) flush gas cap is very flush with the top of the tank. Others require you to modify your tank to except their cap. Not ours! Just remove your stock cap (using your key of course) and put on our cap. It comes on and off just like the stock cap (each gas cap comes with 2 keys.)

Our aerodynamic gas cap with a dazzling, chrome cover is made

from 20 gauge and 16 gauge steel components making it rugged and beautiful.


This item will fit the following motorcycles:


Honda VT1100: Sabre (2000 to 2007), Aero (1998-2002), A.C.E. (1995-1999),


 A.C.E. Tourer (1998-2001)


Note: If you have a gas tank "bra", this cap may not fit properly.

Most "bras" have a round hole made to fit the stock gas cap.


'Hey CruiserFX man; Does this mean I have to carry around an extra key?'

Not necessarily. Some of our customers have purchased a magnetic "hide-a-key" box. There are various places on your bike where you could hide the key to your gas cap. Many potential key locations are within reach even when you are seated on your bike.


The stock cap is obviously NOT FLUSH!

It abruptly protrudes off the tank about 1 inch.

The CruiserFX Flush Gas Cap is very flush.

When you look at the tank from five feet away, the cap looks completely flush, but (when compared to the actual curve of the tank) it actually begins near flush at the edges and tapers up towards the center, reaching a maximum height of less then 3/8" at the top of the lock. Since the curve is so gradual, it blends in very well with the gradual curve of the gas tank.

While filling your tank, have you ever sat there helpless as your stock cap rolled off the tank! Such events are a thing of the past with the CruiserFX cap. We have incorporated a ceramic magnet into the bottom of the cap. So when you unlock it, just sit it on your tank. It will not roll off your tank.


The CruiserFX Flush Gas Cap is available in chrome finish

and gloss black powder coat.

Here is an additional way to be sure they will fit your tank:

Look at the photos below of the gas tank opening this cap is designed to fit.


Important FYI to prospective buyers:

What if you purchase this product and after seeing it in person you don't like it?

We expect this to happen from time to time, which is why we advertise our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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