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About Us

Thank you for visiting our new website. To keep our costs down, we do not have a dedicated phone operator waiting to receive your calls. Instead, we recognize that the majority of our customers prefer to place their orders directly through websites, which is why we redesigned our site to make it more compatible with smart phones and tablet devices.

To see what accessories we offer, select the category, either Motorcycle or Car (coming), then select the Make of the vehicle. (Select Universal for products that go with everything.)

CruiserFX was established in January, 2005 after we noticed a great need for a variety of motorcycle accessories. In September, 2005 we moved our shop from New York to the Colorado high plains. (You can ride all year long out here and most days are sunny!) Additionally, when you buy from us, you are purchasing "Made in the USA" products. (FYI: Colorado is still part of the U.S.)

We ship our unique products around the world. To date, we have shipped to every continent except Antartica.